My Skincare routine using Marykay TimeWise

Hi Peeps!
So today i will be sharing with you guys a short vid of my skincare routine which i am very excited to share as i have been using Mary Kay Timewise for about 1month plus and so far the result is very satisfying. I been suffering with really dry skin up until my skin become sudden flaky which really annoying. 

What i used;
Marykay TimeWise 3 in 1 cleanser. Marykay TimeWise Moisturizer Marykay TimeWise Sun Screen.
This 3 things help me alot! Now i don't see flaky on my skin anymore. 
If you guys like what i wear and would like to try it out too, you can PM me directly on my instagram coz i am very active there @yanarusli okey?
See you next Saturday for the next vid, Makeup with me.

bye love!

1st MinNature in Malaysia!

So are you a MinNature addict? coz if you do, this is the place for you!
I have always love tiny stuff that i can relate like observing house exhibition, see the inside, the more details is the best. It is somehow very satisfying to see the world in another view. The tiny car, tiny house, tiny people doing the thing you are doing. if you understand how i feel, you will definitely love the 1st and the largest MinNature in Malaysia train exhibition!
See the houses! its too cute and soo relatable. 
at MinNature it also have its own KLCC, Dataran Merdeka, Muzium Negara and many more!

It have so much more! Train that move! switch for you to see the building go dark, the sound people doing construction, and so much more!
Here ticket pricing to enter this wonderful MinNature World is; With mykad Adult – RM28 Child (4-12 y/o) – RM15 Senior (above 60 y/o) – Rm15 Below 4 y/o – FREE
Without mykad Adult – RM38 Child (4-12 y/o) – RM25 Senior (above 60 y/o) – Rm25 Below 4 y/o – FREE
If you come to…

[OOTD] all white.

Short post.
Hijab - free. got it when buying abaya (my current fav) top - RM45 -forget the shop name @ MyTown Cheras Pants - RM60 @Uniqlo Heels - RM50 @Zalora
yup getting fat. 

Cleodora is the hottest "glitz" in town now!

I have enough Jewellery – said no one ever.
No women can have enough. 
Fact about Cleodora; It is founded by Dato Sri Ratu since 2011. Although it have been around quite sometime, it was not known by many due to lack of expose at social media back then. However on 2014, Cleodora create a new concept of flora and fauna that have its own unique, elegant and fancy.   What best about this beautiful Cleodora jewellery, it is affordable and seriously beautiful!   
Jewellery is a part of fashion. Your outfit will not be complete without accessory. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to wear just a simple ring, bracelet or even 1whole accessory. Still accessory is a must for every occasion. For me, I personally love ring! I like it simple yet elegant. Every ring bring its own statement. Big? Small? You imagine it! Cleodora have it.  Celodora don’t offer just ring, every accessory that every girls and women need they have it. From ring, bracelet, ankle wear, necklace to earing. They have it all…

Doing Facial for the 1st time at Beaute Library

Good Day!
Hi peeps!
So today i wanna share with you guys my experience doing facial at Beaute Library at MyTown Cheras.

Okey 1st expression is that the worker there is just sooo nice and very friendly, makes you feel so welcome coming in. Being a typical yana, late as always. but not intentionally, it was raining heavily and i came from PJ. However they still welcome me with a big smile and didn't cut my hours. coz i have several experience, (not gonna mention any names) that i am not intentionally being late, usually its the peak hour so.. i was stuck at the jam. they will treated us badly as we did something really bad, plus we are practically paying why needed to be so rude right? okey back to the point, they are just soo friendly. they welcome me, ask for my ic and they ask me to sit at waiting room while they register for me.
While i wait...... so the room have full mirror. so i take the opportunity to take 1 selfie, (honestly i take 2)
Not long after that, one nice lady cam…

Lajeune e Louge Shah Alam Branch Opening!

Good Day!
Hi Peeps!
So today is a really special day, coz i got the opportunity to share with you guys about Lajuene e Louge.
Before i go further, i wanna show you guys the place 1st;

The place is actually very relax and practically a really good place to lepak, talk and at the same time help you. HELP YOU! yes i said help you. How can lepak and talk actually help kn? wait ehh i share with u guys. 
for more privacy there also provide a VIP room; 

Can you see the machine? The machine is called E-Life.The little machine can actually help you. i have tried myself and honestly, this is the type of treatment that you can't feel it if you not focus nor see with your eyes but it actually help you. Coz im very curious too, i asked k! In the scientific logic is that this machine help to pump your blood using eon magnetic field(i think). My blogger friend tried with me, during the treatment, she suddenly feel abit dizzy as she can feel that her heart is pumping faster than usual. For me i f…

[OOTD] white jeans?

Good Day!
Hi peeps!
Fun facts about me;
1. I never have the guts to wear white. full white. white shirt make me look either fat or ugly. This is actually my 1st time wearing white jeans from UNIQLO. 2. Not my camera. been using my brother's camera for every event. Thank You Abang, if you read this (which i know he won't) but Thanks anyway. 3.I sew my own cloth when i have no money to spend or my vision of cloth cannot be found at any store. current fav hijab, got it for free when i bought my abaya.  5.Heels make me look skinny.  6. Want to be a model, but too chubby to become one and not that tall. 
okey thats all for now k.
See you tomorrow?