Beauty Clinic Mediheal Overlab Real Powder Masks by Hishop :)

Hello beautiful people<3

As promised I'm going to do another product review that I got from Hishop August Beauty Box
Beauty Clinic Mediheal: Overlab Real Powder Mask.
I got it in Orange Mandarin kind.
And I love that I got in Orange Mandarin out of 5 other choices which Hishop is giving away as a sample when you shop in Hishop before. But it finishes so quickly as you know good things are always selling like hot cakes in Hishop!

Anyway, you can still buy them in Hishop for only RM9.90, I suppose is such a good deal since the quality is guaranteed. There's also a collagen plus smart filler mask by Mediheal available in Hishop.

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OK..moving on to the mask review,
at the back of the packaging there's stated a website which is
I was curios to know what else does this company came up with. But sadly there's non related website to the mask came out, However, I did find them in FB BUT...It was all Chinese or Korea written..I'm so sorry that I do not know how to read both sad actually...wish I could learn someday... I assumed it was more to Korea, since it made from Korea but I'm not sure...So..buying from Hishop is the best choice you could ever made. 

Like I mention before, it is available in five choice of scents which is Blue Berry, Green Tea, Red pomegranate, Yellow Pumpkin and of course my Orange Mandarin.

 I'm not sure there's any specific specialty according to the color coding but the scents is really nice.Not to overpowering yet not dull at all. And the texture is not to hard to work with not too sticky nor too dry..Just nice...It stated that the sheet of mask is useful to skin elasticity provides the freshness and efficiency of ingredients efficiently and adds the closeness and nutrition of skin with the synergy effect of concentrated essence. Basically it's for freshness. 

Before I kept on blabbering about the results, allow me to demonstrate on How-to apply this mask.
Fisrtly I apologized for my poor selfies skill.

Start by Cleaning your face with facial cleanser and apply toner
STEP1: Press the bottom part packaging until it leaks out to the upper part
STEP2: Rolled the bottom part if STEP1 failed
STEP3: Evenly spread out the liquid  onto the mask by pressing with fingers
STEP4: Tear the opening part
STEP5: Spread open the mask ,Identify where eye and mouth goes and apply onto your face
STEP6: Press with fingers to make it even and fits well
STEP7: Wait for 15 - 20 minutes to let it absorbs well. Relax
STEP8: Take out the mask
STEP9: Fold used mask neatly
STEP10: Pat excess liquid goodness on your face to encourage absorption

You'll be having a fresh looking nice smelling face in no time. I didn't wash off any remaining essence before sleeping and after waking up I straight away snap the done photo. I admit I'm impress since my skin are not oily or dry at all.

And that's it.Thank you soo much for reading. Do comment.


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