{REVIEW AND COMPARE} NexCare Acne Patch and MiaCare Acne Patch which I think is better?PS: Gross pictures inside

Hello pretty awesome..Recently I've been suffering a lot from pimples infestation. I'm not sure what did I do wrong to have so many growing on my face. Personally, as I learn through experience, my pimples start popping up when I'm having my menses probably because of hormone imbalance. Or when I work night shift, when I'm sleep and when I don't properly wash my makeup. Some says that if you eat a lot of chocolate and nuts, you're prone to acne. It's actually kind of a myth but in reality it's sometimes true for some. I'm still lucky that I don't get any when I eat chocolate. I would be devastated to not be able to eat chocolate for beauty reason.

Well, the reason behinds acne growing would be different in all of us but the most hated part of having acne is that black dark acne marks you'll get after your acne have been gone. It frustrating to see that acne marks on my face and it's lot. However, I found a solution to these which I will share in future post. But today, I wanna share one important steps in preventing that hideous dark mark which is preventing yourself from popping out that pimple of yours.
Pimples actually shouldn't be pop out forcefully because it might spread germs to other places. However, my hands are just too stubborn to ignore pimples on my face. I'm really thankful to this invention because it's the only thing works for my itchy hands. Acne patch is a patch that you stick on your pimples of any stages. It's more or less works like a zit cream only in a form of patch. What I love about this acne patch compared to cream is that it's not messy and in the color of skin where you can even wear it going out. And it's like barrier between my stubborn hands and the pimples.

Pimples or acne or as they called it in medical world, Acne Vulgaris is one kind of skin disease which caused by hair follicle and sebaceous glands block, bacterial infection and also imbalance hormones.  Basically acne patch can be use either for whiteheads/ blackheads, nodules, pustules and cysts . Main content is Hydrocolloid which is a dressing that absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne. To use acne patch is super duper easy! Clean and dry skin ad hands thoroughly. Place gently on acne and remove accordingly as instructed. BTW, do remember to store in dry, cool room temperature places. And do not use if you feel like painful or weird thing happening.

Nexcare Acne patch have been in the local market for the longest time under the company 3M. In the yellow box, Nexcare patch is a transparent yellow patch that available in packaging of 36pcs, 1824pcs, 7pcs and thinner edition. Every batch available in small and big sizes suitable for all size pimples. The patch were placed on double plastic film, above and below transparent film that were then sterilized in a sealed packaging.

Miacare Acne Patch is the one and only contender for acne patch because not much acne patch available in the local market that I know of. Under the company BenQ, Miacare Acne patch is available in 3 types which are for Days, Nights and Day & Night. Each box have only 12 patches  Each patch were placed on a white water resistant sticker paper that are pre- cutted to easily separate each patch and to stick hygienically.

Okay, here's the biggest question---> Which one do I think is better? Since, no one payed me to do this review, I can be free of choosing aight? Even so, I don't just say I like something even if I get payed too review..Sorry :D I blog to share my honest opinion only..

I first known about acne patch from a beauty box that included MiaCare Acne Patch. Since I have a lot lot lot of pimples back then, I've finishes them in only few days. Then I went to Watsons in search of another acne patches and discovered Nexcare. My first Nexcare was a little bit off, it won't stick as good and I realized that it's already expired. A little bit advice,  do see the expire date before buying.

So then, I tried to use both to compare. In terms of packaging, I would say, I choose Miacare because the graphics are too cute and they pre- cutted the film for each patch to for easier sticking. For value, I would choose Nexcare cause you'll get more for the price retailed. As for effectiveness, I've tried both overnight and I got to say, Miacare sticks stronger than Nexcare, which is better for overnight. A patch of Miacare and Nexcare should be remove when it turns white. Head to head, I do think Nexcare works better. My pimple dries faster with one patch. Without a doubt, I choose Nexcare because of it's effectiveness. Miacare would be better if the effectiveness were as equal as Nexcare. I love Miacare because the skin color tone and the soft skin like patch is great. Currently, I kept both for acne because I use Miacare for overnight when sleeping and nexcare whenever I'm not. So far, I love the idea of using acne patch because I have less pimples and dark spot to deal with recently. Which one would you choose?
Tell me tell me please...........................

Product Info  photo iqayana_zps05fef8b6.gif

NAME: Nexcare Acne Patch

36/ 28/ 7  patches  / Thinner edition

PRICE:  Around RM13.00

Watsons and Local drugstore

MADE IN: Taiwan

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: http://www.nexcare.com/

Product Info  photo iqayana_zps05fef8b6.gif

NAME: Miacare Acne Patch

Day / Night/ Day & Night

PRICE:  RM9.50 - RM13.70

Watsons and Local drugstore

MADE IN: Taiwan

Till next time, Salam.

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