{REVIEW & SELLING} Soap that gives me miracle?? The Alpha Arbutin Soap Double by Labdee. Memang berkesan xtipu

Hello pretty awesome! Happy Friday! Yeay..It's already coming to weekend I swear time passed by so fast and faster...don't you think so??

Yesterday, I shared on how I encounter the pimples manifestation and today, I would love to share with you, my lovely reader and friends the cleanser I use ( as you already read on title).
Honestly, I'm pretty skeptical when it comes to 'online product' 'Thailand product' and stuff. You know how they produce something in large quantity and so many fakes out there.
But one month ago, I was soo desperate on healing my hideous- hideous scar that suddenly I decided to try this Labdee; Thailand Alpha Arbutin Soap dengan terbuka hati..(padahal xtahan tgok kotak die yg color pink and comel)

Alhamdulillah after one month, I'm happy to say that it works on me quite well.
On the left is a photo of me on my first week of using the soap and the right is a month and so using the soap. I didn't have a photo of me before using this without makeup or as we say it 'naked' face cause I'm scared as hell to take photos of my ugly face. As you know, I have self esteem issues, so this is like the only photo I have that shows how bad my face was back then. It was all started when I consumed a type of beauty product (which I will not mention) but it gave me tremendous outbreaks that left me with ugly scars that won't heal. That was until I tried Alpha Arbutin Soap.

BTW, the right photo is definitely non edited, non- 360 and I just wore a tiny tiny amount of sunblock same as the left one with the same amount of lighting if you're asking.

As a smart consumer, I went googling to find out what is Alpha- Arbutin actually?
Apparently, the primary source for Alpha-Arbutin is a small evergreen bush called the Bearberry, 
no, NOT THAT cute cuddly BEAR..

it is derived from the leaves of this bush. 
Arbutin is derived from the leaves of bearberry because of it’s melanin-inhibiting properties. Arbutin are considered safe alternatives to commonly used pigment reducing agents to make the skin fairer.

Alpha-Arbutin doesn't appear to have any bad side effects and some government studies have shown it to be safe to use.

Knowing the fact that it's much safer than having Hydroquinone
 on my face, I went for it all the way. Plus, I'M JUST TERRIFIED OF HAVING ANOTHER BAD REACTION ON PILLS. I've tried collagen pill before and aside from having extra large appetite, I get really really dry skin. And FYI, pills have potential in damaging your kidney and liver. Unless, you're up for kidney transplant and liver damage, go for it.

As I was googling, I found out that Labdee has soo many range of skincare and seeing how effective it was, I just had to try em all.

In general, Alpha Arbutin soap are know for so many benefits:
  • Reduces pigmentation, whiteheads, blackheads and other known ugliness on face
  • Replaced dead cells on skin
  • Moisturizing
  • Formulated in Switzerland and approved by FDA Thailand
  • Effective for whitening and lightening
  • Makes skin smooth and naturally fairer
  • Can be use for whole body including face
  • Safe to use even for pregnant lady
  • Permanent effect
  • Results can be seen in 7 days for some
This Alpha Arbutin soap is pink in color, smells fruity and bubbles easily. Hence, a small amount goes a long way. The cute packaging is a plus! Do remember, to ensure it's originality before you use it. 

The scrub works similar to any other scrubs. Smells fruity as well almost like papaya. I use only once a week.

I got to say that the serum helps boost the healing process too. I've used only one bottle and stops after my face already brighten up. It is sticky and yellow. No particular smells to it.

My final verdict on this would sums up to be highly recommended. Like I said, I'm a bit scared of using unknown product. But this particular soap doesn't makes my skin dries, And as you can see, the effect are not as immediately but reasonably fast. Meaning it is safe to use. After using this, I found that I have less breakouts and my pigmentation is much lesser. Putting makeup also easier as my skin is smoother day by day. A bar of this soap can last two months if you're using it on face twice daily. I do cut it to 6 so that I can use it separately for body. The one thing I dislike about it is because it's in the form of soap bar cause it's easily melts with water. But I can't blame it for the most affordable price. Even Lush brand is in bar type. And everybody adores it.
Side notes: There's people approaching me saying that Thailand soap is harmful especially that they're corrosive. My logic to this is that any whitening soap have the potential in being corrosive...even from other country...it's all depends on your skin. For first time trying out the soap, I would advice to test it on hands and if it's ok...go ahead and cleanse that face..do remember to stop using if you fell burning sensation.

 If you're interested in purchasing this, Labdee Alpha Arbutin Soap, I'm selling for on RM12 each!
Do whatapps if you have question. Please support for my wedding fund ;)

Product Info  photo iqayana_zps05fef8b6.gif

NAME: Labdee Thailand Alpha Arbutin Soap Double white

Ingredients: Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium cocoate, Aqua, Glycerin, Alpha, Tocopheryl acetate, Frafrance, Tetra Sodium EDTA

PRICE:  RM12 (Varies in many places)

Whatapps/ SMS:





MADE IN: Thailand

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://www.facebook.com/LABDEEThailand

Till next time, Salam.

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