{The Rainbow Cameo Project} Cheetah makeup look

Hello pretty awesome! Let's hear some cool song first
There's a reason I'm putting the song up aside from this being my favorite song once. The lyrics to it are just ah-mazing and sweet sweet gitu...

You might already knew what I'm going to post about but did you know why?
So, recently, my dear friend Syaza from bloobsblurbs approach me and 6 other beautiful, magnificent, gorgeous blogger to collaborate with her in a project called Rainbow Cameo.

Basically, it's a rainbow kind of 'beauty friendship post tag' that we have to do according to the colors of the rainbow.

of  course I would say yes to this, cause it's Rainbow (although there's no pink in rainbow)

The seven other bloggers that's joining me is
Syafiqah (withlovekisses.com
Cindy (cindysplanet.com

Whose doing what color? Let it be our little secret...You will find out when the time comes...I'm not just gonna spill all of the details..;)

By mutual agreement, I got the color YELLOW..if I would choose, yellow wouldn't be it...but well, challenge accepted as Barney would say it.. (Raised your hands if HIMYM is your favorite series)

So, I questioned myself, what yellow I can relate to aside from Spongebob, minions in Despicable me Movie, the sun, my school uniform and the song 'Yellow'? Nothing, except for the love- hate relationship on animal prints especially the cheetah.
I love animal prints except for the hardest part of pairing them up with floral prints. Those are like my two most favorite prints in the whole wide world( exaggerating too much).

When people say Yellow, they always imagine happiness like the sun. But today, I'm gonna show you how to be sexayyy in yellow tone.
I'm using 'Take Me to Brazil' by BH Cosmetic- click here for my review on the palette

To stick to the color theme, I decided to use all the yellow tone on the palette. You can always use any tone from any palette as desired BTW.

Take the second lightest tone and dab on lower lid, take the lightest outer for crease, green in the middle and black at the corner of your eyes! Didn't I say it easy peasy Yellow lemon squeezy?
Remember to apply eye shadow primer prior to this to avoid creasing of shadows.

Do, wear contacts to make your eyes pop. I purposely left the eyeliner part to make it as simple as I could. You could always paint a big of black liner to make it a dinner look instead of outing look.

Don an animal prints hijab and there you have it. Sexay yellow look. It can even be a fun look.

Do share what's your thought on Yellow?
And hye...stay tune for the next color to reveal...
Till next time, Salam

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