{NUFFNANG} Mamma Mia Musical Experience Live in KL

Well, hello there pretty awesome! How's your weekend? I'm off to weddings in a bit..

Thanks to Nuffnang especially Jack and the crew for choosing me as the contest winner. It was my absolute dream to watch musical theather and not just any, my one and only dream show. Two years ago and even last year I was meant to buy a ticket for myself to see the show. Never had the right moment to do so.

And when I was surveying for the tickets, I'm quite stirred by the price. Honestly, my expectations for the show are quite high up there.

We arrive at KLCC around 2pm and it was held at Plenary Hall which is 3rd floor by the way. The hall is ok for a theather considering it was my first time there. However, I got seats that were far from the stage. I got to say the view wasn't that pretty clear.

Anyway, I think the show is brilliant for family view. It's about a girl that had so many dreams and the ultimate one is to find her dad. The first scene is kind of funny but at times it gets draggy with all the musics from ABBA. Don't get me wrong. The songs are great like Dancing Queen, Honey honey, Mamma Mia and loads more (what do you expect in a musical show right?). I just wish there would be like lyrics provided so that I can sing along. When I say family view, I mean it was fun to bring your kids seeing them dance and sing. But to me, in terms of moral value, like not wanting to get married, or having a child without marrying is not suitable for Malaysian culture.

Nevertherless, the show was great especially the last dancing and singing part only I wish the seat I got would be near. They even sell the mechandise outside the theather and it was selling like hot cakes.
Totally reccomend the show if you're looking for new theather experience. For first timer seeing musical theather like me, here's what I learn as total newbie
 ♡They start on time. You don't have to wait early to come in cause there's no ads like in the movie theather.
♡Do wear formal clothing but comfy one.
♡There's rest interval of 20minutes every half of yhe show.
♡Not reccomending bringing little children that cries unexpectedly cause you'll be bothering others concentration.
♡And lastly, bring binocular if your seats af far;)

And of course, thanks again Nuffnang! We had fun!


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