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If you followed me before, you know i have always love Shizens stuff. Shizens product is expensive, yes i believe everyone know that, but good thing don't come cheap right? I love their product because of the natural look it given for me and not to forget at the same time it help to treat my skin. I can go on and on how much i love their product but let me get to my point of writing today.

So i would like to introduce to you the new Shizens VISAGE Collection. The VISAGE Collection main focus is to bring your natural beauty by pampering your skin from inner to outer. VISAGE basically contain of Shizens skincare and makeup products to enhance your natural beauty effortless.

There are 9 product in this collection, 3 skincare and 6 makeup product. Today i will be more than happy to introduce to you one by one. Without further ado, let's begin!

1. Time Resistance Essence.(Skincare)

This is actually an anti-aging essence which help to keep your skin firm, toned, brighten, nourished and moisturized deep inside the skin cells. Moreover, it is also effective in strengthening and supporting the renewal of skin's natural protective layer and forms as effective barrier against moisture loss. In a simple word, this is the one serum you definitely need!

2.Time Resistance Night Cream.(Skincare)

Although it's a night cream, but you can also used it on day time to help in given extra moisture to your skin and lock in the essence for best firming result. For day time, apply a thin layer, for night time you can wear a thick layer.

3.Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO (makeup)

The foundation came in a stick form and it's own cute brush, if you can see the white line at the foundation, that is actually the oil that will keep your face moisturised. The color is a bit lighter from my skin, but that what best about Shizens product, the foundation will absorb into your skin and will follow your skin color. So for every girls that have the same problem as me that don't even know your own skin shade. This is for you babe! 

4. Hue-duo eyeshadow - Mocha Glow. (makeup)

To help in achieving that healthy eye-look you can put on the brown-esh color for the based to cover-up the tired eyes and put a bit of pink-esh to give that fresh look. or just be creative, do however you like.

5. Aqua Eyeliner (brown) (makeup)
6. Aqua Eyeliner (black) (makeup)

This eyeliner is a cushion type liquid eyeliner which means no more clumpy eyeliner! it is easy to apply and it is smudge-proof and long-wearing up to 12 hours. So girls when you wear this, drama game on! cry freely without fear your eyeliner will be gone or smudgy. Yaa it came in 2 colours, brown and black. Yes you can also used for your eyebrow too! so yeayyy!

7.Aqua Pore Perfection. (makeup)

This serve as shading to achieve contouring result. It also content of vitamin A,E and F for healthy skin glow, retain the natural moisture of skin and reflect the damage from UVB ray. It came in 3 color, no 1, 2 and 3. the one in the picture is no 3. 

8. Smack Lips.

You will not complete the VISAGE look, without the Smack Lips. It came in two color , 1.Plum Wine (in the picture) and 2. Orange Tango. Smack Lips enriched with coconut oil and sunflower butter to lock in moisture in your lips.

9.Ultimate Potent.

Spray the Ultimate Potent to lock in your makeup and help to give instant lifting agent. It also help to even skin tone that promotes a smooth and youthful appearance. You can also wear it in two ways; 1. used as skincare routine after toner and essence or 2. use after completed you makeup look to form a finishing layer.

This is the full look using Shizens VISAGE Collection;

 i will share with you guys the vid on the step of application to get this look by next week okey?

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ohhhh GUYSSSS! now you can get VISAGE Essential:
  • Smack Lips- Plum Wine and Orange Tango 
  • Aqua Eyeliner- Black and Brown
  • Hue Duo eyeshadow - Mocha Glow
  • Sizens professional brush set (6 brushes)

for only RM199 instead of RM1503 for Limited time only! from 1st March 2017 to 31st May 2017.


experience your own VISAGE makeover by showing this code "VISAGE01" to any beauty advisor at major Shizens stores;
  • Shizens Pavilion Flagship Store
  • Shizens Midvalley
  • Shizens One Utama
  • Shizens Sunway Pyramid
  • Shizens Gurney Plaza
  • Shizens Genting Sky Plaza
  • Shizens Isetan KLCC
  • Shizens Isetan Garden
  • Shizens Parkson KLCC
  • Shizens Parkson Pavilion
  • Shizens Sogo KL

Make sure to visit Shizens Pages to know more okey love?

See you tomorrow for the OOTD post!


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