Dermedics MESO VITAL Youth Reconstructor?

So remember last week i posted the dermedics mesowhite treatment? So today 9/6/17 mark the 9th day after the treatment! But on the 7/6/17 i did another treatment. This time i did the Mesotherapy Vital treatment. 

Soo here the before treatment,

and im wearing Bauch + Lomb contact lense.

The after treatment is as usual red! If you followed and saw my story on my Instagram you know how red it is. Super red! 

Today is the 3rd day and its not as bad as after the mesowhite, honestly, i felt my skin now is much more smoother and hurm hurm maybe flawless? 😂 

So lets talk about the treatment that i did;

What is actually MESO VITAL Youth Reconstructor?

MESOVITAL is a serum with peptides and liposomes designed for deep regeneration and revitalization of skin to restore its young and healthy appearance.

It help to;
• Visibly reduces wrinkles
• Increases the production of ATP - the key molecule of cell energy
• Supports skin cell detox
• Stimulates dermal and epidermal expression of genes
• Improves the tone, elasticity and hydration of skin
• Supports the reconstruction of the papillary dermal fibre network
 • Slows down aging process
• Reduces the appearance of wrinkles 

The girl did mention, it actually recommended for 35y/o and above. But maybe since my skin is 40 and above she did for me. Im 23 y/o but i do have wrinkles like 40y/o! Sooooooo.... 

The procedure of the treatment is actually the same as last time, read HERE to know what im talking about. pretty much cleans, soothing cream, the highlight of the treatment (Mesovital Serum) and after cream/gel.

I just learn that on the time the serum is applied, the device actually contain a bit of needle, that is why soothing cream needed and after serum, they will applied a cream/ gel that i mention, it is actually an aloevera gel. it hurt because your skin is open not because of the gel.

Next treatment on 16 June! so sty tune for my update k?

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