Iftar with the Bloggers at #siakappadu Restaurant Emak Engku

Last Thursday i got to attend the 'it' event for blogger. The Iftar with the bloggers by Hai Blogger community! Not only i got to meet the person behind all the beautiful words on the internet, i also got to meet some entrepreneur and singer. 

Hai Blogger is actually an active community in Malaysia, and Iftar with bloggers have been a continuous event for every Ramadan. This year marks the 4th year for Hai Blogger organize for all the blogger to be together and celebrate breaking fast together.

The influence meet the blogger be like "this is the people behind words at the internet" and we be like "suddenly bird and all kind of insect passed by... *krik krik* "

Fyi, we blogger is very shy taw. Get to know us 1st personally than only we allow you to see our craziness.

Ohh not to forget! The best part...... the food! We are so lucky to eat at Restaurants Emak Engku that is famous with the tagline #siakappadu after the Siakap Stim Limau there was viral by the people at the social media. 

Since i studied at KPTM Cheras and Emak Engku is just 1 road away from our Kolej, Emak Engku have always been famous among the students. I will always heard someone said meet at Emak Engku, there also this friend of mine, if we asked where will he be for dinner, Emak Engku will definitely his answer. I always wanted to try it, but i had never got the chance. (too focus on studying maybe? or dating?) 😂

Let's talk about the food! Seriously. If you know me, you know im not a food lover. I eat to live not to eat for pleasure. But.... its siakap man! Who doesn't love siakap? 

Here, at Emak Engku, the siakap is... marvelous! We got to try 2 type of siakap, the siakap 3 rasa and the siakap stim limau. 1st impression, the siakap stim limau, coz its white-esh kn... i think I won't like it coz it look like santan and i hate santan. But as i taste it, goshhhh it melt into my mouth and i just can't stop. I ate the whole fish by myself. The 3rasa? I don't think i have ti explain about 3 rasa. Everyone lovee 3rasa. The others also unexplainable goodness. You have to try it for yourself!

Okey try it k? Make sure to book 1st before you come, coz at the time we came, it was full! So... be smart or be hungry #eh

Here the full address to Restaurant Emak Engku.

 No.15, Jalan Indah 26, Taman Cheras Indah, 56100 Batu 9 Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Happy Eating! for breaking fast k? DM me if you need a someone to teman u. #eh.

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