Crappy service or Over-the-top special treatment?

We all at least once came across a place so bad, you are willing to run for the door - seriously. One unsatisfied stay could shift the whole vacation mood 360 degrees. Everything you see is black clouds, every food you taste is bland and every step you take is like walking through a torturing chamber. It’s the one experience you wish would just dissolve into the black hole. Fast forward to another exciting vacation time, I came across the latest offers on Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka. Melaka? Interesting.

Rumor has it deja vu will come and bite me in the place I’d rather keep safe. A lesson in life; rumors equal uncertainties, and uncertainties lead to two doors: door number one;  the positive truth or door number two;  the negative truth. Which door shall this be, I wonder?

So, I went all Sherlock Holmes and do a little research on Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka latest prices and reviews at Traveloka because I’ve travelled with the site before and we became travel buddies ever since. They have cool hotel promotions too if you want to check it out. So, in I went to the and whaddaya know? Knock knock door number one!

The place clearly the opposite of what the shady rumor I heard; the place is crazily beautiful - it’s simple, but it’s beautifully simple. It has a classic touch to it that makes you feel like you’re back in time. The area is clean, well-maintained and peaceful. The attractions are also cool. There are loads of places to visit! Then, something happened. In the midst of eyeballing the place, suddenly I find best price on Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka.

Destiny has decided. I let my finger linger on to book Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka on Traveloka.

Facilities and Services

It turns out the hotel has been around for quite some time and the facilities plus services they provided never ceased in quality. The in-room facilities provide the standard first class high-quality amenities to pamper you, including a minibar. The hotel also provides safety deposit box, gift shop, outdoor pool, laundry services (good thing because time needs to be filled with tourist spots!) and the all-time favourite; breakfast! The place ain’t too shabby after all, guys!

Boringville or Adventureland?

Again, the rumor needs to find another hobby because this place gets another door number one visit! Melaka scores a whole bunch of amazing places and those places are relatively close by from where the hotel is located. Aside from the ones I’m briefing out for you, there are other interesting spots like Dataran Pahlawan, A Famosa, the Stadthuys, the Melaka Sultanate Palace and St. Paul’s Church. There’s more but it’s going to take one Encyclopedia to finish it.

Zoo Melaka & Night Safari

It’s always nice to see animals once in awhile, especially those that we rarely see out in the open. From the hotel, the zoo is located just 1.38 km. You can drive there or hitch a cab/Uber/Grab. Zoo Melaka is open daily from 9 AM to 6 PM, but the last ticket sale is at 5:30 PM, while the Night Safari operates on Fridays and Saturdays night, the eve of public holidays and school holidays from 8 PM to 11 PM. The last ticket sale will on 10:30 PM. Other activities include animal performance and feeding, educational programs on wildlife and how to conserve them, Zoomanji (cool team building program) and zoo tours.  It’s pretty neat, don’t you think?

Cheng Hoong Teng Temple

Located a reach of 11.90 km from the hotel, Cheng Hoong Teng Temple is situated right in Melaka City. It is the oldest functioning temple in Malaysia. Yes, you read it right. It’s the older and still functioning up till today. This Chinese temple practice the Three Doctrinal Systems of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism. This is one of the historical structure you can see first-hand in Melaka. There’s plenty more where that came from.

Jonker Street Night Market

Shopping is the second or third most have-to-accomplish agenda, definitely. Jonker Street Night Market or Jonker Walk host some of the best food, antiques, textiles, handicrafts, and souvenirs in town. It is located along Jonker Street that stretches out from across Melaka River near the Stadthuys. The setting is themed back around the 17th century, so you will definitely feel like you’re in a time machine - taking a walk down the street in the 17th century.

Morten Village

Located just 12.9 km from the hotel, Morten Village gives you a whole lot nostalgic feeling. The small reserved island at the middle of Melaka City housed almost 200 traditional houses with various shapes and sizes. It’s really cool for those with children to have a glimpse of how things look like way back in the good old days. What sold me on visiting the place is it is surrounded by the Melaka River and you can hitch a ride in the Melaka River Cruise to enjoy the awesome scenery. Better do it at night though because the lights will be on and you can imagine how spectacular it’s gonna look.

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