My thought about Pika Pika?

Pika Pika! 

Hi peeps!

So today i will be reviewing Pika Pika! If you haven't heard about it, we are the same. Last week, i am so lucky to be selected to attend the Pika Pika Sparkling Bright Tea Party at Foret Blanc that was organized by Butterfly Malaysia.

During the tea party, we had so much fun playing makeup challenge without a mirror, using our waterproof makeup k! You so dont wanna see how disaster my face is at that tima (honestly, i so dont wanna show you)  but we had sooo much fun. The best part is we get to try the product 1st hand at the party. I was soo amazed! Seriously! Coz;

1.the texture is just too thin or soft, you just expect it to be that powerful. does not dried my skin
3.smell apple.

Okey i was talking ahout this;

This is Pika Pika Deep cleansing liquid, and my current fav cleanser.
I have been really busy with this new job, and when i came home, all i wan is to sleep. To be able to just used this and all my makeup is gone, is seriously a plus plus! I really love it!

We expect a powerful cleanser will also dry your skin, the past a week using it, i have never experienced feeling my skin dry. 
Here a vid of me trying it;

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So the other 2, to be very frank, i have only tried once the mask and twice the hot and cold and cold cleansing gel. I dont think i have the right to talk about it as if i have tried it thousands times. But let's talk facts or based on my once and twice experience. 

This is hot and cold cleansing gel. It is small but powerful based on the speaker at the tea party. It is called hot and cold coz, you will be experience hot and cold on application time. It is in clear gel but very thick gel. Wear it in problem area only. Mostly at the Tzone. Let it sit. Feel the hot and cold and you good to gooo.

The last but not least the mask!

Cant comment much about it, coz as I mentioned i used it once only. The texture is like literally lIke a glue, but you know the excitement to peal it off when it dry. But does it work? I guess you have to buy it and try it yourself! Only at watson k!

Okey that's all for now. See you when i see youuuuu

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