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perla coffee. Again?

Whatttt? Its already Thursday!!! heyoooo. Ohh guysss im sooooo sooo sorry. Few days have been disaster. Ohh yaa last week i know i didn't post anything because 1. Im sick, 2. Last week its my birthday yoo. Soo happy birthday liyana.

So since i just officially 22 years old last week, i forget that yesterday it's already Wednesday. Thats is why today post will be a combination of Wednesday and Thursday post. Ohh old people problem. Or is it really just me?

If you guys read my last time post, i have tried Perla Coffee and pimple grow on my fort head like mushrooms. But now currently my skin is super dull and i dont know what to doooooo so i tried again. Wuuuuuu. Yeay me? However what i gonna make sure this time is.... i will be extra care with my face to avoid any pimple to grow.

Today is my 7 day of drinking it and... tadaaaaa

No filter taw just for u guys. After i finish the whole box. I will post another one.  The dots is from before drinking it. So hopefully it will be gone b…

Tammy's Birthday @ Haagan Dazs, Soho KL

Hello Beauties! I know I'm sooo overdue to post about's just working for 8days non-day off seems a bit tiring, stressful and time consuming. Especially working like me...we don't have time to sit's always on the move...sometimes I hate having to work like this but as I take it positively...I learn to love my job for better or for worst..

Oh ya...I can't believe that this is my first post for 2014....9 days and only I have a blog sorry girls...I never stop thinking of you...:p Anyway....on the 1st of January 2014 I've attended the party of the year! A way to kick start 2014...It's +Tammy Lim Birthday Party!! yeay!! she's turning 20something or 30something...I'm not sure and will not ask...because you know how some girls get a little bit sensitive with issues of me...hehe...but honestly, she looks younger than ever...

(Look how adorable she is)
Since, it's her bday...I think it's fair if this blog post …