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Doing Facial for the 1st time at Beaute Library

Good Day!
Hi peeps!
So today i wanna share with you guys my experience doing facial at Beaute Library at MyTown Cheras.

Okey 1st expression is that the worker there is just sooo nice and very friendly, makes you feel so welcome coming in. Being a typical yana, late as always. but not intentionally, it was raining heavily and i came from PJ. However they still welcome me with a big smile and didn't cut my hours. coz i have several experience, (not gonna mention any names) that i am not intentionally being late, usually its the peak hour so.. i was stuck at the jam. they will treated us badly as we did something really bad, plus we are practically paying why needed to be so rude right? okey back to the point, they are just soo friendly. they welcome me, ask for my ic and they ask me to sit at waiting room while they register for me.
While i wait...... so the room have full mirror. so i take the opportunity to take 1 selfie, (honestly i take 2)
Not long after that, one nice lady cam…

Premier Clinic, 1st time going to aesthetic clinic

Good Day!
hi girls and boys, as promised i will shared with you guys my experience to Premier Clinic Puchong.
The Premier Clinic that i went is at Puchong Outlet( i will provide the address before i sign off). Premier Clinic actually have several outlet and have a lot of proven result. So with all the proven result i read, it get me more excited to go.

My doctor for the day is the beautiful Doctor Michelle Lai. The 1st thought when i see her is howw you skin iss pretty! So Jelly! just being a typical girl i am. The Doctor sees my skin, which is very dry and i have a lot of pimple scars, so she suggest me to get the Skin Peel Treatment. Actually i booked to get a whitening treatment (coz that is the only thing i know) but i am also open to suggestion coz i believe she knows her job.

What is actually Skin Peel Treatment?
Skin Peel treatment is also known as chemical peel. It is a treatment to remove the top layer of the skin naturally with a peeling solution, any dead skin cells will be …

{REVIEW} Wear it cold or warm Collagen gel mask from snail

Hi B E A U T Y!
Snail Collagen Gel Mask is a mask for anti-aging, anti wrinkle and also skin revitalize.
How to Use:  Thoroughly clean and dry your face before applying. Lie back and relax for 30 minutes after applying the collagen. Remove the gel with water. Cream or lotion can be followed if desired.  For cool facial spa treatment, refrigerate the gel until ready to use.  For warm facial spa treatment, place the gel in warm water for 2-3 minutes prior to opening.
Recently, I went to Singapore for a short get a way. and a lot of photographing going on and on

 It was fun! Singapore is fun, clean, but really expensive. Actually the stuff there is in reasonable price, but as Malaysian, you have to convert to their money. so ya it is expensive. I travel by MRT and walk.Non stop walking yes ! It is very tiring. my face show it all. I would show it to you but I'm scared you would be so scare to see it. But thanks to Snail Collagen Gel Mask. It help a lot by revive my skin and make me lo…