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Lajeune e Louge Shah Alam Branch Opening!

Good Day!
Hi Peeps!
So today is a really special day, coz i got the opportunity to share with you guys about Lajuene e Louge.
Before i go further, i wanna show you guys the place 1st;

The place is actually very relax and practically a really good place to lepak, talk and at the same time help you. HELP YOU! yes i said help you. How can lepak and talk actually help kn? wait ehh i share with u guys. 
for more privacy there also provide a VIP room; 

Can you see the machine? The machine is called E-Life.The little machine can actually help you. i have tried myself and honestly, this is the type of treatment that you can't feel it if you not focus nor see with your eyes but it actually help you. Coz im very curious too, i asked k! In the scientific logic is that this machine help to pump your blood using eon magnetic field(i think). My blogger friend tried with me, during the treatment, she suddenly feel abit dizzy as she can feel that her heart is pumping faster than usual. For me i f…

[Event]How to be a Playboy/Playgirl

Hi ❤

Good Day!

Suprise!  I know i said that i will be posting every Wed and Thurs, but since there alot of event recently and i know you saw my insta and just can't wait to see and read all about it so i decided! I will do my best to update the next day after the event itself!

So let get started! 

So how to be a playboy/playgirl? 1st ask yourself;
Who rules the game?
Are you #KingOfTheGame or #QueenOftheGame ?
On 30 November 2016 at Zouk Club KL, Playboy fragrance just launched two most sexy fragrances for you to be on top of the seduction game. It came in 2 versions in deodorant spray and eau de toilette (EDT) for the King and ofcoz the Queen.

It was Sexiest-full(successful) launched and now you can get it at any stores and pharmacy!

Before that, lets see all the Playboy fragrance collection in store for you!
press PLAY!

The best part is for the King deodorant, just twist and spray. So no more excuse the cover is missing anymore. We Queen know how to take care of our stuff that …

Sarapan seluruh negara sepanjang hari at Bites Cafe

Hello, Assalammualaikum.
Walaupun blog dah kurang aktif and berubah2, Alhamdulillah rezeki blogging still ada dan kali ni for the first time dapat opportunity untuk makan, makan dan makan. 
I was contacted by lovely Stella from out of the blue ajak pegi makan kat Bites Cafe and memang I bab makan laju je. Hye, you got one life to live, why waste it on restaining yourself makan kan? Takpe2 ada lagi masa nak diet before the big day (nak sedapkan hati).
Straight to the point, konsep Bites Cafe is an all day breakfast cafe dimana uolls boleh jumpa macam2 jenis sarapan dari pelbagai negara sepanjang hari. You know what they say..'breakfast is an important meal of the day'. For those yang suka tempat makan yang boleh chillax and selfie plus makanan sedap this is a place for you. And yang paling penting for muslims, it's pork- free.
Thank to Encik tunang yang pandai capture gambar interior Bites cafe. Amacam? teruja tak tengok setting tempat dia? Selalu org kata &…

{EVENT} Duta XES yang cute, gorgeous and awesome

Hello pretty awesome, I'm cutting the crap and get on with the event coverage. As you may all know, I'm a huge fan of XES simply because they're super duper comfy and affordable. And their premium XES Signature bag are just to die for..and yeay!! XES are just too kind that they give me for's really like a dream came true.. And if you think that's the dream...just think how awesome it is to be the ambassador. Thanks to lovely Sabrina whom always gorgeous and oh so friendly whenever I met her. I was invited by her to this private event introducing the latest Miss XES Elegant. I always love going to XES event cause you can't get better warmth welcome by any host like Sabrina had given. You'll always go home with a smile on your face with the door gift and extra special XES item. Held in one of their premium outlet GLENMARIE SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR DARUL EHSAN, on 19th September 2014
 They had introduce us to the one luckiest girl that was crown as Miss XES El…