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[Food Review] Zomato @ Rondaevoo Coffe Dining have the best-est food!

Hi Food Lover!
I start with this picture because i am seriously craving this! you know that food it really good when you crave for it like a crazy women i am.
Wait! before i start, let me ask you, are you a fan of Roti Boy? like me? coz if you do, you definitely know that Roti Boy produce the best food, i mean bun. You just know whatever they make it is just food from heaven.
So guess what? now, instead of just bun, you can eat a full meal at Rondaevoo Coffee Dining they have the same boss equal to same quality food which mean foooooood from heaven!
So they asked, why Rondaevoo? Rondaevoo  is a French way to say "meeting" or "date." So go ahead and call your next lunch date with friends a rondaevoo.
so, let's rondaevoo at rondaevoo?(don't know if it's the right way of saying it or not)
Let's take a look at the menu;

Have you ever experience going to a new restaurant and you just don't know what to try coz there is just too many options, so you …

{REVIEW} Life food by Fairy Beauty A way to a healthy body

Hello pretty awesome! How's your May? I think May is the best. There's nurses day, mother's day, teacher's day and all the wonderful day. Today is the day I share you a secret to a healthier you. Being healthy is not all about being skinny but to be healthy as well. Believe it or not, cholesterol don't just choose fat people to live on but they attack anyone they desire. Introducing another brilliant innovation by Fairy Beauty called LifeFood by Fairy Beauty.
Let me share you a story of my way to slim down. I once and still am a quite chubby girl, when I was fifteen, I decided to slim down by working out. Every morning I would go out and jog for 1hour and do 100 sit-ups a day. I would eat nothing but maggi mee and plain water. For 3months I have consistently been doing that routine and the most frustrating part was that my weight did'nt budge even a bit. I began to wonder what I did wrong. A great fitnees guru told me that in slimming down, nutrition needs to …