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SwissVita Anti-Spot Serum 2nd box!

Good Day!
Hi Peeps! Hows life? good? good!
If you followed me before, last time i did a review in Bahasa version for this product, and i just have to review it again coz this is actually my 2nd tube for Swissvita Anti-Spot Serum.
It is too good to not have another tube.  Swissvita is actually a product from Taiwan. Anti-Spot Serum contain: 3-0 Ethyl Absorb Acid, a better form of vitamin C - that help brighten dark spot that caused by sun exposure, unstable hormone and others. 
Do you guys know why it came in a tube form? because it want to make sure the quality of the product is maintain. Plastic don't have guarantee on keeping the quality of the product. 
Here a picture of the texture, that small dots is enough for half of my face, it actually very easy to distribute and instant absorb to your skin.
I meet my other yana last time, and i remembered how stressful she is with studies and she been suffering with small dots spot. So i thought why not i share this product with her and…

Babeskin came up with whitening soap and double serum

I review lagi satu sabun pemutihan...sorry lah kepada reader- reader yang selalu tengok muka I je keluar kat blog...mana Yana? Jangan tanyala..masing- masing busy..tak boleh nak paksa partner it has to be me alone...Blogging ni kena datang as a passion even writing kena ada mood, baru the thing that we write can engage with people. I guess some just take it as simply, words on pages. I'll try to keep on updating though...
Kalau you guys pernah browse to my blog, mesti you pernah nampak I review a produk by Babeskin. Beautyoat is kind of beauty innovation if you ask me sebab tak ada lagi produk Malaysia yang incooperate oat dengan collagen. Memang bagus produk dia. Just that I wish I can drink it continuously. Susah nak jumpa produk kecantikan yang bagus tapi harga murah gila. Tapi bila Babeskin ada produk baru why not I cuba dulu kan? Mesti setanding dengan produk keluaran pertama diorang.
So, tunggu punya tunggu, sampaipun barang pos berisi sabun dan serum…

{SECRET & TIPS} Beauty skin- care I can't live without. Rahsia kecantikan terbongkar la sangt..

Hello pretty awesome! Hope everything goes really well for you girls cause I'm hoping the same for me..
So,dulu2 kan...I had the most annoying skin problem...even so, I had it on off..but not as awful as before..Before, I would just wear heavy makeup everywhere and can't leave without it cause I hate being seen with naked face looking like a horrible scary ghost. My face are just so dull yet full of pigmentation and old acne scar which is totally hideous. After trial and error, day by day, I found out the secret in achieving fresh radiant face is totally having strict face routine. A day that I skipped my face routine, pimples starts popping up and if it's not, it's just my lucky day. Hence,  I figured that I should share my skin routine by introducing all the skin care products that I can't live without. After gathering all of my favorite, this is my most favorite and most I can't live without. Starting from cleansing to the whole night regime. And I can ensur…

{REVIEW} Dermagic Intensive Serum by Simplysiti memang best dgn anti- penuaan, mencerahkan dan induce stress- free skin

Hello pretty awesome! Ok, the last time I've shared about my favorite budget whitening soap and now, lemme share another beauty secret of mine ( walaupun xdela beauty sngt and not so secret either) but seriously, it has became my staple skin care routine although I've just finishes the sample ones.
I got to try this Simplysiti Dermagic Intensive Serum from Hishop. And when the whole sample finishes, I just had had to buy my own. Honestly, I'm not a person that would spend more than RM50 for just ONE skin care. Not because I'm cheap. It's just I get bored on one skin care that I've changed often until I found this!
Simplysiti Intensive Serum works tremendously as a serum that offers double power anti- ageing,  brightening and induce stress- free skin resulting more youthful and fair skin. It is a marvelous light and easily absorbed pre- moisturizing serum with high double- charged formulation promotes optimum youthful flawless skin. Specially formulated with Pl…