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World's Hijab Day

Hello beauties^-^ As today is 1st of February, did you know today is the World's Hijab Day? What is Hijab exactly? To me, it's not purely rely on the fact that we covered our head, but as a whole, covering our bad decisions and intentions. As we wear hijab, it teaches us to be patience towards everything. Physically, when I first wear hijab, it teaches me to be patience in wearing them alone and resist from the common society perception 'alasan' of not to wear hijab that is 'panasla' and so not fashionable..Yes.. I said it once..and I'm ashamed of it...Now, I am truly proud of  my hijab.
Well when you wear hijab it's actually teaches you to not do stuff that is prohibited by God...even if you really wanted to will somehow feel bad about it...and it also teaches me to look decent, act appropriately and take care of my cleanliness. 
I am proud to say that many local celebrities also takes on the journey on wearing hijab and found success along thei…