Bausch + Lomb Contact Lenses for Rayaaaaaa

Hi peeps!
I feel like i have been dedicating this ramadan post all about preparations for Raya. Goshh.. am i too obsess? This Ramadan is actually the month i have to focus on dedicating myself to be better, but here i am. Typical liyana.
If you followed me on Instagram(if you haven't, follow me now @yanarusli πŸ˜‚), you know how much I love wearing contacts, just for the sake of looking extra pretty i guess? #itry. i wear zero power, but i also rarely wear it. I will only wear it when im going out hangout (which i rarely do) or special occasion. 

If you guys just like me, you should buy this one! This is the bausch + lomb Lacelle Diamond daily - a daily disposable contacts. Wear it on your special occasion and throw! 1 box contain 10 soft contact lenses with 14.2mm diameter which is equal to 5 pair, the best part it very affordable and worth it! 1 box is only RM42 or 3 box for only RM110. it came in 3 colour; Aqua Glacier, Champagne Brown (in the picture) and Pink Rose
But if you t…

ALTHEA- RAYA Giveaway. Shop till drop!

Since Raya is coming up, how's your Raya preparation doing? Mine was fine until......

 I was planning to have a really simple Raya. No baju raya and no new makeup (coz I already buy plenty before). but since Althea have this really cute Limited Edition Ramadan Box. Suddenly, you know there's always something to buy! 

Besides, Althea have always have the best-est price. The cheapest so far! 
 On top of that Althea are doing Raya Giveaway Festival too, what's more reason you need?

All you have to do is spot the item above that have "FREE GIVEAWAY", add to cart (one item for one customer only eh! and ofcoz while stock last) continue shopping, once you checkout, the item that you pick that have "FREE GIVEAWAY" will discounted off!
Plus, There's no such thing too much makeup/skin care right? Coz, We using it everyday (finding reason to buy more😁). So i must. I have tooo! You guys should too okey? #gengshoptilldrop❤
Here the link for you too;

getting ready for RAYA with Dermedics!

Hi peeps!
Last time I visited Dermedics usj to see for myself the fake product and i have post the "china product vs original product for Dermedics" for you guys to see too. If you haven't read that, CLICK here.
One of my friend, had tried it too and she said that her face become dry and take up to 2weeks to recover and now she just looking very flawless (stalk at instagram)
Since Raya coming up in 3weeks.... I thought why not right? So yesterday (1st June 2017), i came to visit Dermedics at Kuchai Lama to try on myself the best selling Mesowhite brightening serum by the one and only Dermedics Malaysia. 
What is actually Dermedics MESOWHITE brightening serum or what is it for actually?
MESOWHITE is a serum designed for safe and intensive skin whitening treatments. It is recommended for people with dark skin tones and also for reduction of the appearance of freckles and skin discoloration caused by acne and photo-aging (age spots).
Note; if you guys coming and try it out, Come …

[OOTD] Abaya for Ramadan?

Happy Ramadan Mubarak!
Since it is the month of Ramadan, I have pledge to wear Abaya throughout this month, and insyaallah in the future to be a better me. (#prayforliyana #hopebfbuymemoreabayatosupportme?maybe)
May the spirit of Ramadan stay in our heart and illuminate our souls from within.
Happy fasting guys!

Would you let your husband/bf go for Thai Massage?

Last month my bf went to Thailand with his friends, for a short vacation (not that short- I miss him everyday #clingygf), he told me that he went for a Thai massage and in my mind I was like, the girl is touching him, doing stuff, is he naked? How the girl like, etc etc. typical paranoid Liyana thinking lah. Because last time I went to Balinese massage, it was oily and such, so I thought it was the same for him

Since I was so eager to try it out, a friend of mine recommended me to go to this "Thai Paradise" which located at Pacific Regency Hotel at The heart of KL. 1st let's talk about the Hotel, 1st impression googling, the hotel look wow (google image). 1st impression presenting there, small, it looked small because everything is very near with everything, or the easy to understand word is "pack", as I walked through, I dropped by the washroom, which really wow me, the washroom is something like a vvip washroom, all is inside the room. Is just felt very fancy…

1st time visiting HairDepot

Although im wearing hijab, i have never slacking in taking care of my hair. For me, my hair is a part of me, so keeping it beautiful and healthy is always my priority. 
Wait! Have you even hear about hairdepot? Yes? good! No? Seriously? Hairdepot have 30 Outlet in Malaysia taw! So it just really hard to miss it.
As i walk in the salesperson is super friendly and just ready to answer all my questions, serious. i asked a lot. from one product to another product, she is just happy to assist me on my hair problem.
If you looking for product from all around the word, Hairdepot have it! they have product from Australia, Greece, Japan and many more! and the price range from RM10 - RM200 je. It is definitely affordable.

This is the current promotion / the HIT product at Hairdepot that you have to try it out!

1. HAIRDEPOT ARGAN OIL 50ML : RM89 (BUY 1 FREE 1) It would be a lie ff you have not come across Argan oil, now Agran oil is used for everything, from head to toe, coz of its benefits. So…

[Event] Huna x Tanimshah Cosmetics Lip matte launched

Hi Peeps!
So today i will be sharing with you guys, on @tasnimshah_19 years old women that just launched her own Premium Lip-matte. If you an Instagram addict like me, you will definitely know her as she is one of the very known "Insta Famous", not only an "Insta Famous", she also a muslimah model and now an entrepreneur. 

Collaborating with the famous local brand Huna ,Tasnimshah Cosmetics had to introduce the new Premium Lip Matte that used only quality argan oil as it main ingredient is offering 3 range of colour; Taj Mahal, Hagia Sophia and Burj Khalifa.

Other that rich with vitamin E, Omega 3 and 6, Premium Lip Matte also contain ‘asam lemak’ essential that have high antioxidant. Moreover, the argan oil in the lip matte will also help in exfoliation process that leave our lips more beautiful and healthy. I have never come across such lip matte. So yes! no more flaky lips!
In continuous usage of the Premium Lip Matte will give your lips more moisturize, fresh …